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Bộ đếm sét Prevectron

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Bộ đếm sét Prevectron, thiết bị đếm sét, đếm sét, đếm sét Indelec, đếm sét Prevectron nhập khẩu Pháp, bảo hành 12 tháng

Bộ đếm sét Prevectron

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Xuất sứ: Pháp
Thời gian bảo hành : 12 tháng



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Lightning flash counter

Family : Lightning Conductors 
Category : Lightning flash counters


The lightning flash counter is designed to keep a record of all direct lightning strikes on the external
lightning protection system (Prevectron, single rod, meshed cage, …). The digital display (6 digits) allows a direct and comfortable reading of the number of recorded impacts.
Lightning discharges counting and saving requires no external power supply and is not thus dependent on the life cycle of the internal battery. The internal long duration lithium battery is only required for diplaying strikes figure when the button located on the front panel is pressed.


According to the UTE C 17-106 Guide NF EN 50 164-6, the lightning flash counter was subjected to
several test procedures in high voltage laboratory. The values indicated below are based on the LCIE test
report (available on request). Moreover, following its unique policy of research & development in real
lightning conditions, INDELEC has successfully submitted the lightning flash counter to real lightning
discharges during the 2004-2005 test campaign in Cachoeira Paulista (Brazil). The average value of the
lightning strike currents was 45 kA. During this campaign, the lightning flash counter has demonstrated
its reliability (counting) and its robustness under these extreme lightning strike conditions.


The lightning flash counter is fixed directly on the down-conductor using 2 mounting flanges located on the back face. No interruption of the down conductor is necessary, thus allowing an excellent electrical continuity of the installation down from the rod to earthing the system.
The counter records the lightning current by induction at the time of passage in the down conductor.

Checking & Maintenance

In the meantime, INDELEC has developed a new specific testing device : this new portable
tool allows to test on site, after installation and without disassembling, the digital lightning
flash counter internal circuit functions. In order not to affect the real record of lightning strikes
shown by the lightning flash counter, it includes a specific menu making it possible to temporarily
switch to a test mode. Within the framework of regular maintenance and checking
procedures of installations of external lightning protection systems, all parts and accessories
of the system can now be controlled (test box for Prevectron, visual checking of the installation,
earth resistance meter and the new lightning flash counter testing device).




Description Ref. Dimensions (m) Weight (kg)
Lightning flash counter - 6 digits P8011 0,146 x 0,095 0,700
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