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Chống sét tích hợp cho camera

Thiết bị chống sét camera LDY-XA230BC/3A, 801022, thiết bị chống sét cho camera quan sát, thiết bị chống sét cho camera IP, chông sét camera, chống sét tích hợp đường video - đường điều khiển - đường nguồn điện, cung cấp thiết bị chống sét cho camera, phân phối thiết bị chống sét camera, thiết bị chống sét camera giá rẻ.

Chống sét tích hợp cho camera
  • Protective items: video lines, control lines and power lines
  • 3 in 1
  • In=5kA
  • Imax=10kA
  • 220V AC power

Application range:

LDY-XA230BC series monitoring synthetic lightning protection device are applied to lightning protection of power, control signal, BNC video signal of monitoring system, with function of characteristics of low clamping voltage, quick response, etc.. which can be used to release and prevent the damage to the protected device arising from inductive lightning from power and control wire or the other surge overvoltage. So they are widely used in the field of security monitoring system, “Global E-eye” system of telecom.(option from standard IEC61643-1, IEC61643-21 and GB50343)

Main structure and work principle:

  • Modularization, DIN rail design, convenient for installation and replacement.
  • Build-in temperature control and circuit breaking technology, strong protection ability, high reliability.
  • Green light on in notice window indicates normal, off indicates broken, clear and easydistinguished.
  • Function of multilayer protection: power, video signal, control signal.
  • Build-in 4mm elevating earthing terminal, more reliable earthing.

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